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Subculture Events

Originally conceived as a record label in 2006 by label boss John O’Callaghan, Subculture’s consistent output of quality trance over the coming years led to increased demand for a Subculture Event.

Having sold out Dublin’s Tripod club in lightning-fast time in 2010, Team Subculture had their eyes fully opened to the pulling power of the label & its artists. Subsequent events quickly followed, moving from regional to national affairs throughout their native Ireland. Within a year, they were selling out arenas in Belfast, and taking over London’s Ministry of Sound for their shows. With demand for Subculture’s artists soaring, the team widened the lens further. The next few years seen them go global, selling out shows in clubbing capitals like NYC (@ Times Square’s Playstation Theatre), LA’s Hollywood Palladium, Melbournes Hi Sense Arena and Mandarine Park in Buenos Aires.

At the core of Subculture’s success lies a simple ethos: create events partygoers will remember (and talk about) for the rest of their lives. Planned down to the finest detail, they’re triangulated by cutting-edge sound-systems, trailblazing light & FX shows and world-renowned venues.

Subculture Events don’t think in terms of bigger, but rather better … because through better, bigger becomes automatic. Case in point, their events in Australia.
Having sold out their Subculture Melbourne events at the HiSense Arena since 2015, 2022 saw Subculture Australia grow to its first Outdoor Festival and move to Flemington Racecourse (home of the world-famous Melbourne Cup) and expand to become an immense multi-stage event.

Key to the pulling power of Subculture Events is Music First’s roster of mettle-tested DJs. A family by any other name, the likes of John O’Callaghan, Bryan Kearney, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Cold Blue, Factor B, KEY4050, Craig Connelly and others deliver unbeatable performances. They are set to repeat that early in 2023, when Subculture Events arrives in another new territory. February heralds the first Subculture Asia event, which will see them take over the immense Show DC Mall in Bangkok for another outstanding production.

Memories to last a lifetime. Every single time.

For more information on Subculture Events, Contact:

Subculture Belfast 2019
Subculture NYC 2015
Subculture Argentina 2013, 2015, 2017

Subculture Los Angeles 2017, 2019

Subculture Australia 2015, 2017, 2019