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Whether you know him for Kearney, Karney, Kearnage or Key4050, under ‘K’ in electronic music’s encyclopedia is where you’ll find him. Powered by life, musically Bryan’s either done it, is about to … or it just ain’t his thing. Covering the broadest-of-broad electronic music scopes, ‘energy’s Kearney’s only keyword … and ‘why limit yourself?’ his only maxim. Where those points cross lies the ignition for every one of his K-initialled enterprises.

Many will best recognise him for his solo work, or his smartly cultivated production/vocal team-ups – ones that have brought a convoy of floorward-thinking anthems and future classics to fans. Notably among them have been two ASOT Tunes of The Year (most recently with 2022’s Plumb-sung ‘Take This’).

Under his Karney mask, tech-infected numbers like ‘Snarl’, ‘Rumination’, ‘Smiler’ and ‘Compromise’ have served his darker, dirtier studio inclinations, finding set-favour with scene icons like Adam Beyer and others. Through their back-to-the-roots ‘Tales Of The Temple’ project and globe-circling shows, as Key4050, he and John O’Callaghan elevated the collaboration dynamic to an entirely new level.

However, it is as a standalone artist and mainstage operator that he’s today most swiftly recognised. He’s a DJ who can read an audience’s innermost desires at a thousand yards and hold them rapt in his palm for seven or more concert-performing hours.

Be it Kearney, Karney, Kearnage or Key4050, his position in electronic music’s hall of fame’s long since been secured … Find him there under ‘K’


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